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Pokemon Crystal Rom

Introduction to Pokemon Crystal Online

Do you want to play pokemon crystal version game on your computer? Or if you are looking for Pokemon Crystal Rom Download? Or if you are looking for how to download Pokemon Crystal Version? Then you are at the super awesome place. Many people search for pokemon crystal for sale because they do not know they can find it for free. However, you can download best pokemon crystal rom from here. 

Game Freak, a well known game development company, Developed the game Pokemon Crystal Rom. Game Freak develops role-playing games for the series of Pokemon. Are you are looking to download pokemon gold or silver? We surely recommend pokemon crystal rom gba zip download. Because Pokemon Crytal Rom is the enhanced version of pokemon gold rom and pokemon silver rom.

Nintendo Entertainment Systems published the game. In Japan, North America and Europe the Pokemon crystal version released on 14th December 2000, 29th July 2001 and on 2nd November 2001 respectively. It was released on 26th January 2018 for Nintendo 3D Virtual Console on.


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Story of Pokemon Crystal version?

In pokemon crystal clear rom player have to explore the world by dealing with the game objects. The player then encounter different dimensions of land such as roads, buildings, caves, forests etc. While exploring the world the land turns in to the battle ground, where Pokemon fights using turn-based strategy gaming.

The main goals of the game is defeating the Elite Four and Pokemon Master Lance. Then you will become a new Pokemon Champion. The player can easily defeat Elite Four and Master Lance by using Pokemon Crystal Rom Cheats.

In Pokemon crystal version rom you can now select one of the gender male and female, that was not available in pokemon gold and silver.


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Features included in Pokemon Crystal Rom?

The developers added a new timer system that keep tracks of different events like such as pokemon appearances on daily or weekly basis. Pokemons can hold different items after their training to fight with other pokemons. For example, Pokemons have berry which help you to cure and regain the power of pokemon. Another instance is the pokemon gear that is something like watch and contains time, map, location etc. allowing the player to call other characters to rematch and other pokemons that are rare.

The game introduces you to new pokemons like Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. Like Pokedox tracks the pokemons. This version introduces new pokemons i.e. Steel-type and dark-type. Special defensive and special attack are also included. The breeding feature is also added that helped the creation of male and female pokemons. However, Legendary Pokemon cannot breed.

Pokemon crystal walkthrough

The following video will guide you about complete walkthrough of pokemon crystal online. But we recommend not to follow the video or use pokemon crystal cheats while playing the game. Because it will ruin the awesomeness of the game.

How to find Pokemon Crystal Starters

The following guide will show you how to you can find all Pokemon Crystal Starters

How to download Pokemon Crystal Rom for PC?

  • Download Game Boy Color emulator for PC.
  • Pokemon Crystal Rom Download.
  • Extract Emulator and Pokemon Crystal Version.
  • Run Emulator.
  • Locate and Load the Pokemon Crystal Version Rom.


File NamePokemon Crystal Rom
ConsoleGame Boy Color
File Size1 MB


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